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5.0 completed on September 7, 2018

Reviewed by Sean M. for Jennifer Linnik

Spring Creek, NV
We had to switch lenders about 3 weeks before we closed. I called Jennifer and she instantly started working on our file. We were able to close within 2 days of our original date!! We are so thankful for all they did at Mann Mortgage!!

5.0 completed on August 15, 2018

Reviewed by Reyann W. for Jennifer Linnik

Spring Creek, NV
Jennifer is always available for my Buyers and I throughout the entire transaction. If we had questions, her team would have an answer for us. Jennifer’s communication, product knowledge and service provided is top notch. She really goes above and beyond for her clients to make homeownership a reality. If you’re shopping around—look no further! She’s the best!!

5.0 completed on August 15, 2018

Reviewed by Christina W. for Jennifer Linnik

Elko, NV
I never hesitate referring clients, friends, and family to Jen. She offers a smooth and knowledgeable transaction and is readily available and attentive through out the process. Awesome lady to deal with!

4.8 completed on July 20, 2018

Reviewed by Eugene P. for Jennifer Linnik

Elko, NV
She was very friendly, and made everything easy to to understand.

4.0 completed on June 16, 2018

Reviewed by Rachel E. for Jennifer Linnik

Elko, NV
Jennifer was on top of things, responded to messages and phone calls in a timely manner. Professional and friendly.

5.0 completed on June 15, 2018

Reviewed by Allison K. for Jennifer Linnik

Elko, NV
Jennifer and her team were AMAZING through the entire process!! Absolutely loved them

5.0 completed on June 5, 2018

Reviewed by Skyler B. for Jennifer Linnik

Elko, NV
Jennifer was very energetic and very on top of things. She explained everything very well and never left us wondering. Thanks Jenn

5.0 completed on June 4, 2018

Reviewed by Josh W. for Jennifer Linnik

Spring Creek, NV
Thank you very much

5.0 completed on May 29, 2018

Reviewed by Christina K. for Jennifer Linnik

Spring Creek, NV
Made the whole process of buying a home so much easier and they were always there for me if I had any questions.

5.0 completed on May 5, 2018

Reviewed by Lisa A. for Jennifer Linnik

Spring Creek, NV
Jen is incredibly intelligent and was able to offer things during our transaction that we didn’t know possible. We can not thank her and everyone else in that office enough for all of their hard work. Relocating is hard enough but with Jens guidance, we successfully closed on the perfect home! After meeting with several different lenders and not feeling they were the absolute best, we can honestly say that Jen Linnik is the absolute BEST in our area! We will forever be indebted to you Jen!

5.0 completed on April 30, 2018

Reviewed by Devin I. for Jennifer Linnik

Spring Creek, NV
Jennifer and her team were very professional. They moved very quickly and answered any questions we had in record speed. They walked us through every step of the process and gaves us heads up of what was to come. We have tried buying s home through many other companies snd no one worked as hard for us as Jennifer and her team. I cant wait to reccomend this team to all my friends.

4.7 completed on April 8, 2018

Reviewed by Zachary W. for Jennifer Linnik

Elko, NV
Working with Jennifer was awesome. She had everything in place and talked with us about everything. She was very organized and always on time with things. We loved working with Jennifer. There was an unpleasant time which was every time we had to work with her assistant, it just seemed like every time there was something knew and also things had seemed to be missed place or we had to run down there for something else. Other then that having Jennifer behind us was an amazing experience.

5.0 completed on April 8, 2018

Reviewed by Loyd H. for Jennifer Linnik

Elko, NV
Thinking outside the box and quickly moving thru the process

5.0 completed on April 2, 2018

Reviewed by Tyler D. for Jennifer Linnik

Elko, NV
There was never a question Jenn didn’t have an answer for, she made the process very easy!

5.0 completed on March 20, 2018

Reviewed by Eddy J. for Jennifer Linnik

Spring Creek, NV
Jennifer was very helpful and attentive to my questions. This was my first home and I was pleased to the results of her hard work to secure the best deal for me. I will go back to her in the future.

5.0 completed on March 18, 2018

Reviewed by Steven R. for Jennifer Linnik

Spring Creek, NV
Jennifer and everyone at Mann Mortgage made buying our first home so easy and smooth. From the start Jennifer gave us her honest advice and helped us make decisions we were unsure of and it all worked out for the best. Now we are happily in our dream home. Couldn’t recommend you guys enough!!! Thank you!

5.0 completed on March 13, 2018

Reviewed by Juan A. for Jennifer Linnik

Elko, NV
Everyone at the office was extremely efficient. They answered every question and with a quick response! They were all very informative and helpful and so so supporting!

4.3 completed on March 3, 2018

Reviewed by Kyle J. for Jennifer Linnik

Friendly and helpful. Good communication and everything was completed in good time.

5.0 completed on January 18, 2018

Reviewed by Julie F. for Jennifer Linnik

Elko, NV
Everyone in the office are so nice to work with!!!

5.0 completed on January 17, 2018

Reviewed by David F. for Jennifer Linnik

Elko, NV
Always in contact with one of us. It was a new experience for me and my wife and they where very good at answering any questions or explaining the process awesome bunch to deal with highly recommended by the Fishers

5.0 completed on December 22, 2017

Reviewed by Kyle W. for Jennifer Linnik

She was open and honest with every step it takes to buy a home. Nothing was put on the back burner with her. She worked quickly and proficentily to get my family and I in our new home.

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